The Utah Jazz “Un-Fan Club” has been disbanded

I used to hate the Utah Jazz, back when they had John Stockton and Karl "The Postal Clerk" Malone.

No more.

Jazz logoWhy I no longer hate the Jazz

  1. Karl Malone is gone.
  2. John Stockston is gone.
  3. Andrei Kirilenko!
  4. Picked to finish dead last, they almost made the playoffs with a Russian forward, a Puerto Rican point guard, and large Alpine glacier (Greg Ostertag) at center. Everybody loves an overachiever.
  5. With Malone gone, they are now much nicer than their fans.

I still think they should change their name and let New Orleans be the Jazz, though. But instead of "The Dirty Dozen," I now suggest "The United Nations."

Go U.N.!